Estate Sale Goddess: Etta Moten Barnett HOLLYWOOD JEWELRY AUCTION January 23 2022


Long before Downton Abbey or The Queen, there was Etta Moten Barnett! American actress, contralto vocalist, Diplomat, Chicago radio personality, along with her best and final role–ACTIVIST.


(R) Claude A Barnett, husband to Etta Moten and Founder of The Associated Negro Press.
(L) The incomparable Etta Moten Barnett, STAR of stage & screen.

Did you attend THE most anticipated, exciting, historic Estate Liquidation of the year? The Claude A Barnett & Etta Moten Barnett, ‘AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY’ event was one for the history books, literally. Here’s your opportunity to purchase an heirloom of some of her most important HOLLYWOOD pieces. 

Signed ‘Art Smith’ Modernist pair of screw-back earrings made from copper and brass.

Born Arthur George Art Smith, was one of the leading modernist jewelers of the mid-20th century, and one of the few Afro-Caribbean people working in the field to reach international recognition. He trained at Cooper Union, NYU, under Winifred Mason. Smith was born in Cuba, after his parents emigrated there from Jamaica. They moved to New York City when he was three years old.

As an adult, Smith worked in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, running a shop there from 1946 until 1979 (shortly before his death). Smith was a gay Afro-Caribbean, and as a result was subject to attacks shortly after his store opened. A fan of jazz and modern dance, he was personally acquainted with musicians of the period including Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte, Eartha Kitt, Talley Beatty and of course our ETTA MOTEN BARNETT.

Claude A Barnett (R) Etta Moten Barnett (L)
Citizens of the world, casually vibing on a city street in 1940’s Paris. 
Etta Moten Barnett, in Ethiopia, guest of Haile Selassie, crowned Emperor of Ethiopia, walks the grounds of the Royal Gardens at the Royal Palace with Dikkhill, the royal leopard!
Etta Moten Barnett at the tender age of 23. 
Photo of Etta Moten Barnett by famous artist Carl Van Vechen!
Early film performance by Etta Moten Barnett. The Carioca!
*Many films did not offer screen credit to this powerhouse of a woman. 

Etta Moten Barnett in an art rendering denoting the ills of our society. 
Platinum / palladium and 10k white gold necklace having a rectangular filigree pendant adorned with (17) round cut diamonds suspended from a filigree rectangle-link chain.
EARLY. MEXICO. Sterling silver cuff of the HIGHEST grade. 
THIS ladies & gentlemen, from the old turquoise mines in Carrillos, Mexico! Often referred to as “greasy turquoise,” You’d be hard pressed to find another of this color, weight, caliber and provenance. 
Early turquoise designed leather strap bracelet.

Lynn Rousseau McDaniel, M.A., ACNA
Ty McDaniel, ACNA, Librarian, AV, Fine Art
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