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Ty and Lynn McDaniel are the owners and founders of Estate Sale Goddess. As children, Ty and Lynn grew up in Englewood, on the south side of Chicago, just four blocks away from each other. One summer afternoon in 1999, Ty and Lynn met as adults. Having secured an internship at a mental health facility, Lynn began training as a clinician with Ty as the lead clinician. They fell in love and after graduation, married in June 2003.

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Estate Sale Goddess Owners

Estate Liquidation - Together

Lynn has always had a love of antiques; her mom was a graduate of Vogue. Ty excelled at drafting and was headed toward a life in architecture, but humankind pulled at his heartstrings and Ty secured the position of Lead Clinician at the largest and most prestigious facility in Chicago, and he dedicated his life to working with MISA Consumers. Fast forward to the couple's “second career”—estate liquidation. Lynn and Ty use the tools from the world of psychology to gently coddle and assist families during a very difficult time of loss by helping them go forward with estate liquidations.

Telling Stories One Piece at a Time

Many humans live fascinating lives. Many go to the grave carrying decades of stories the world will never hear. Incredible artifacts the world will never see. With Estate Sale Goddess, through estate liquidation, your loved one’s story is told.

We don't just sell chairs, lamps and tables, we tell the history of the individual! We work closely with banks, museums, and libraries. We are professional researchers and have knowledgable staff that consists of art specialists, Chicago’s designer furniture authority, memorabilia and ephemera experts, 20th century history and artifacts experts, vinyl record and film specialists, a licensed librarian, a jeweler, and an antique and collectibles specialist. We are members of Antique & Collectibles National Association (ACNA), FULLY insured by Markell Insurance and incorporated with the State of Illinois.

Allow Estate Sale Goddess to tell your human story. Ring (312) 450-9821 for a complimentary appointment or fill out our online form. NO UPFRONT FEES.

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With nearly 15 years of experience in the estate sale industry, allow us to coddle you through this stressful time. Request a free consultation and we'll handle the rest!

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