Estate Sale Goddess Curates the Claude A Barnett & Etta Moten Barnett Estate

Estate Sale Goddess began the Chicago liquidation of 
during the summer of 2021. THANK YOU to all that attended. 
*Warning. Tough subject ahead*
Did your dear Aunt Queen Esther collect books? Did your favorite uncle Clifford go to every antique market and hoard art? In many instances we all have the family “history keeper.” You know the one. The house that holds artifacts from other family members that have died off. Packed attics, closets, storage units and basements. If you’re lucky you’ve listened to their travel stories, seen their awards, papers and tchotchkes. Their house is full of sculptures, records all over and shelves full of dust. The photographs, artifacts and mementos speak to a life well spent. What happens to their collections when they die? Sound morbid? My point is this-simply HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Your family members collection is IMPORTANT. Every last human being on this planet has a story and @estatesalegoddess would be honored to tell your families history. So before you tell yourself that Auntie Queens collection of glassware is just junk, ring us! Ty and I began our career as Clinicians. We understand the psychological and emotional impact deaccessioning a household brings and our job is to financially honor that. We are both trained to find the needle in your families haystack. We are ready when you are. Our schedule reopens beginning April 2022. Ring/Text YOUR Estate Sale Goddess! 312.450.9821
At Estate Sale Goddess we are happy to maximize our client’s estate proceeds and share important historic treasures with the world. 
 Please read below. Questions? Ring/Text 312.450.9821 Ty & Lynn McDaniel
YOUR Estate Sale Goddess!
Claude A. Barnett: The Associated Negro Press 
Etta Moten Barnett: Singer, Actress, Civic Leader
“The Art of the American Negro”
American Negro Exposition Poster
“Say It With Pictures”
Negro Participation
Jubilee: The Cavalcade of the Negro Theatre by Langston Hughes and Arna BonTemps
 Etta Moten Barnett Recipient of the MLK Freedom Fighter Award.
Negro Anthology Edited by Nancy Cunard
Etta Moten Barnett Photo by Carl Van Vechten
Photo of Etta Moten Barnett by Famous Photographer James Van Der Zee
Ty and Lynn McDaniel Chicago Magazine Interview;
Claude A Barnett & Etta Moten Barnett
Are your family members historians, politicians, actors, musicians, celebrities? Doctors, lawyers, hat makers? Teachers, city workers, Pullman Porters? Plain regular hard working folk? Do you or your family members have households of art, jewelry, important historic documents, vintage clothing, maps, rugs, books, sterling, vintage furniture, vinyl? 
Estate Sale Goddess does more than just sell your items, we embrace and research your family history. We carefully sell your important household and go even further by contacting our private network for increased financial value. 
Estate Sale Goddess is Chicagolands premier estate liquidation service. Ring or Text us: 312.450.9821 or email us [email protected] 
The wait list reopens April 1st, 2022
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