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"Estate Sale Goddess you work with the most amazing estates! I am so glad there are people like you making sure that all of these things get to continue to live on."

- Trisha Cannata

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"I can't say enough good things about the Estate Sale Goddess. I love the way that Lynn and Ty McDaniel tell the stories of the lives of the persons/businesses that they are liquidating. From people moving to other parts of the world, downsizing, and those who've transitioned; you feel like you know them.

Each estate is a portrait of people who've lived interesting lives of purpose, dedication, and commitment.  I feel that I am the steward of any item/s I purchase as they carry the blessings, hopes, and dreams of the person/s releasing them.

The sales are always worth the trip and the mood is upbeat. After attending a few sales, you begin to see familiar faces and realize that you've become part of the Estate Sale Goddess family. I promise that if you attend one sale you'll be hooked. I hope to run into you at a sale."

- Denise Jones

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"Some people don’t see the magic you guys create. If you were in it to just make money and sell things you wouldn’t be as selective with the estates you take on as clients. I appreciate the work you all do and more importantly the stories you make sure get told. Anyone can buy a piece of art from a thrift store but you both make sure the history of the ownership is told, and that’s what makes me proud when someone compliments one of my Mr. Brazley pieces so I can tell them what kind of man he was and how proud I am to have that connection to him. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IT SETS YOU GUYS ABOVE THE REST."

- Kyle

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"Lynn McDaniel is a great talent person in this field. As a customer, I feel so proud of her kind heart and personality. Both I and my wife Nancy had a very happy experience with her dedicated work style toward her customers."

- Steve Wang

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"Loved this sale! Lynne is a doll and gets the best estates!" 

- Kimberly Oliva

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"We purchased slipper chairs from the Etta Moten Barnett sale and boy are they gorgeous! Lucky find! Lynn and Ty are gracious hosts who are clearly legends in the exciting and glamorous world of estate sales. Can't wait for the next event to find more hidden gems."

- Evelyn Shelton

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"I'm writing to thank Estate Sale Goddess so much for your kindness. When you meet someone, you never really know their "story", all that they're holding, or carrying in their heart.

When I emailed you inquiring about the curio cabinet and asked my husband to make the drive to "simply view" (wink) this lovely oriental style lighted display with lacquer finish, I never really imagined I'd ever own it.

To say that it's been a rough few years for me and for my family would be an understatement, to say the least. My only sibling died of chemo induced leukemia (stemming from triple negative breast cancer).. my grandmother passed away of covid. I'd been working in the dental field for nearly 20 yrs and lost my job during covid (no notice given) when my employer announced his sudden "retirement". Then, we were involved in a horrific accident, both of my parents were trapped in the car and the doors had to be removed from our vehicle. My father had 8 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and his brain was badly injured. He just died in October. The driver who caused the accident had no valid license and fled to Mexico. My mom has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.. the list goes on and on... My parents were both only children..I had only one sibling. Our family is getting smaller and smaller. I spend much of my time helping others with ancestry. My grandmother was the one to spark my interest in genealogy when she left many photos and momentos to me after her passing. I've spent years piecing together her story. You see, I'm not one to collect expensive "things", only sentimental heirlooms and treasured memories and moments.

Thanks to Estate Sale Goddess, I now have a place to preserve these. You've given me a beautiful gift that I will treasure and love all of my lifetime. I will also remember HIS story, as well, each time I admire my cabinet.

I've just returned from India on Feb 3rd (my 2nd trip there) and have added some of my "treasures and gifts" to my display from the loved ones I've met and friends I've made there.

If you'd like information on any of your distant family members, please don't hesitate to ask... I'm happy to research for you. Thank you again for your kindness. I wish you love, happiness, good health, and loyal, true, lasting friendships!"

- Dr. David Han Estate

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