Estate Liquidation Client FAQ

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What's an estate sale?

Estate sales, or estate liquidations, are sales that take place in your home or business. It's a method of selling the entire contents of all (or nearly all) the deceased or downsizers' possessions. It can be a challenge to try this herculean task on your own. Allow your Estate Sale Goddess to take care of everything.

How do we prepare for an estate sale?

First, PLEASE do not discard anything. You don't want to "throw away the money." Allow your Estate Sale Goddess to research, sort, stage, photograph and price your estate properly. We have the newest wireless and tap credit card equipment, folding tables, dress racks, and professional signage along with an amazing and loyal following. We are known for our pricing, staging, marketing and quite frankly, winning. Read about your Estate Sale Goddess in Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Reader or the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times!

Do I have enough for a sale?

Whether a "full" estate with over twenty years of accumulation or simply artwork, jewelry, tools, clothing, or records; please allow us to come out and make an informed decision. We've had instances when the artwork, record collections, and clothing commanded more than an entire packed home.

When will I be paid?

Your check is ready minus our commission, 2-3 days after the sale. You will receive via email, a report outlining the daily happenings at your sale and a list of items sold over $100. Payment can be sent via bank wire, Zelle, Fed-Ex, or our bank's cashier's check. Your call!

How much is the cost of an estate liquidation? 

We, like all estate sale companies, work on a commission basis. We NEVER charge an upfront fee. It's the high level of expertise that your Estate Sale Goddess brings to the table. Remember, "if you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!"

Our family home is in probate. Can we still have a sale? 

Yes, and Estate Sale Goddess is happy to prepare a court document or valuation report for your estate items if the courts deem it necessary.

I live out of the Chicago area, but my deceased loved one's home is in Chicago. What should I do? 

We often liquidate homes with family members that are not local. Do you have a trusted friend or family member here in town? The family attorney or Realtor? Or perhaps you are just here in town for a couple of days. Let's speak! We can perform your sale, pack up any important or personal items including furniture, and ship it to you!

How are you different from other estate sale companies?
  1. We care.
  2. We are FULLY insured.
  3. We do court valuations.
  4. We research.
  5. Our sales have totaled over $500K for ONE ESTATE.

Estate Sale Shopper FAQ

If this is your first estate sale, take a moment and read these frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Simply ring or text YOUR Estate Sale Goddess at (312) 450-9821 or contact us online.

Note: Gentle Reader, these rules are mainly for the hardheads. I'm sure you’re a lovely person and we hope that we can depend on you to be there to help guide your fellow estate-saler, newbie or senior shopper. Okay, let's get to it!

What's an estate liquidation sale?

An estate sale, or estate liquidation, is an opportunity to purchase items from a private home. As a safety measure, the address is always released 24 hours before the sale.

Are prices listed before the sale?

As a rule, estate sale companies do not divulge prices before the sale, but ESG will answer price questions IF we have the time. I thank you for your patience in this matter.

Price questions will be answered by phone on sale day beginning at 10:00 am. You are welcome to text questions and comments at any time. YOUR Estate Sale Goddess will always return your text or call—but AFTER coffee, please. Thank you! Ring or text (312) 450-9821

YES we negotiate. Look for me—Lynn or our Estate Sale God, Ty McDaniel. If you don't see me, ask staff to contact me via walkie-talkie for immediate service.

We are an ESTATE SALE, NOT a retail store. We pride ourselves on being fair, whether an end user or re-seller. Come see for yourself!

Do you except cash, check or credit card?

Bring CASH! We accept all cards, but CASH may get you a discount!

No checks are accepted. 

What should I bring with me?
  • Cash
  • A sheet of paper
  • Help us stay green! Please bring your own bags and packaging
Do you Pre-Sale?

Yes, we do offer Pre-Sales on some items. E.g. vintage cars, large record collections, fine art, sailboats, coins, diamonds, real estate, vintage stereo equipment, jewelry, vintage clothing etc.

It will be noted "BUY IT NOW" on the subject line of the post when that is the case.

Is there a fee to attend an estate sale?

This is NOT an auction, and yes, it's FREE TO ATTEND!

May I come in and measure?

No. We are NOT a "retail store" just an estate sale. Simply measure your space and check the photos on the website. I always list the dimensions.

Should I arrive early?

Arrive VERY EARLY for the best selections. Many shoppers fly in from out of state to shop our sales!

What do I do when I arrive to the sale?

Once you reach the estate sale destination, look for the person with the list.

*A list determines who gets in and when. It's free to shop our estate sales, but you must PERSONALLY sign your name on the sign-in sheet.

Did you remember to bring a sheet of paper with you?

If you are FIRST to arrive, look around to see if someone waves a sheet of paper from the driver's side car window or if you see a sheet transfixed to a windshield. The listkeeper might be taking a cat nap, on a coffee run, or getting signatures from other vehicles.

While you're in detective mode, check out the lay of the land. If you don't see anyone, then CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE FIRST; please start the numbered list!

*FYI, I always discount the LISTKEEPER!

Always write your name on the first line. Then the next person to arrive is second, and the next is third, and so forth. Capiche?

While waiting to enter the sale, do NOT peek in the windows! It's rude, CREEPY, and unseemly. And FYI, we use anti-theft devices at all our liquidations.

At 8:30 am a team member will come out to greet you and collect the list. Please line up according to the sheet. If you’re not available at 9:00 am when your name is called—don't look at me!

EACH PERSON MUST SIGN THE SHEET. Please NO couples, pairs, or friends trying to enter on a single signature. If this happens, someone will have to make the dreaded "Sophie’s choice." And please DO NOT write your friend's name on the list if they are not present. This move is considered "estate sale poison" and you will never be allowed to participate in Estate Sale Goddess adventures. Are we clear?!

Estate Sale Goddess will NOT honor a list taped to the door. (Do they still even try that move? If found, I will remove and shred it with my bare hands and swallow it whole). It must be a "watched" list folks. That means it should be in human hands at ALL times!

When the doors open, your name will be called from the list. Come in and SHOP!

Are refunds or exchanges available?

Please inspect all items before purchasing. Everything is as is, where is. NO refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Will there be refreshments?

During winter, we offer hot coffee or cocoa. In summer, you can expect iced coffee and huge gourmet salads and sandwiches.

Can I bring my children with me?

You must be 21 or over to enter. I must stick firm on this one. Although I love children and my granddaughter, absolutely NO CHILDREN ALLOWED—not even my little Gingersnap!

How do I make a purchase?

Buying Furniture

See a piece of furniture or something great you'd like to purchase? Follow these steps: Remove the white tag from the item ASAP, take it to the cashier IMMEDIATELY and pay.

Buying Non-Furniture Items

All other items, bring to check out and place on the SOLD TABLE by the cashier. Once items are placed on the SOLD table, they belong to you. No putting back! This Gentle Readers is my achilles heel. Don’t try me.

DO NOT walk around with any tags in hand. Sooo not fair to others. And we're better than that, right? RIGHT?

Home decor, clothing, small items? Again, you are welcome to leave armfuls of items on the MONITORED "SOLD TABLE" over by the cashiers.

If you walk around with armfuls of goodies and you get to the register and put 3/4s back, you will be BANNED from ever attending an Estate Sale Goddess event again—in life! Why would you want to stop others from purchasing that lovely cotton candy pink cashmere sweater that you knew you really didn't want? NO PUTTING BACK AT THE REGISTER.

Jewelry: PLEASE DO NOT OPEN JARS/BOXES/ BAGS of jewelry. If you are caught tampering with the jewelry, you will be asked to leave.

You are welcome to shop and checkout. Look around a bit more, shop and repeat.

What do I do after I finish shopping?

Please wrap/pack your own items on the packing table and exit out of the door you entered.

We have team members that will help you load your vehicle or deliver your purchases to your home. Simply ask!

Please note, once the estate sale is over, IT'S OVER. Please do not ring/text and ask if you can come back for the Prada loafers or John Deere Tractor you passed on. Once an estate is liquidated, we are onto the next. We ask that you continue to travel your estate sale journey with us.

Do you offer delivery?

We do have a professional delivery service on duty at every sale. You are welcome to make delivery arrangements on the spot!

Remember, your purchases must be removed on the last day of the sale by 1:00 pm. If purchased items are not removed by 1:00 pm on last day of the estate liquidation, they will be donated to charity.

What if my item gets damaged?

Estate Sale Goddess is NOT responsible for any damages that incur upon removal of your purchases.

Estate Sale Goddess is NOT responsible for damages to your purchased items or vehicle when you load.

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Smile! Giggle! Bring your business cards! This is an event—talk to each other. We all are passionate about the same thing.

If you look closely at the crowd, there’s usually an undercover celebrity or politician at Estate Sale Goddess Liquidations! At the very least, our sales are known for having tons of strong, handsome men and drop-dead gorgeous women shoppers! Wear your prettiest dresses and your sharpest slacks! Splash on some "smell good" and who knows, maybe you'll make a love connection!

So here it is, folks. Here's your plan. Dive in. Notice everything and leave nothing!

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