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Estate Sale Liquidations by Ty and Lynn McDaniel

As humans, we live fascinating lives, but many of us go to the grave carrying decades of stories the world will never hear. Finery the world will never see.

With Estate Sale Goddess, through estate liquidation, your loved one's story is told. We don't just haphazardly fling open the doors of your precious home, we develop a strategic plan tailored to fit YOUR needs.

We research, stage, price, market, and sell your important art and jewelry collections; old records, vintage clothing, ephemera, forklifts, furniture, vehicles, sculptures—all the way down to your Pyrex bowls.

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Here to assist you with your Estate Sale

When there is a death in the family, whether a move or a downsize, it can be stressful. Allow Estate Sale Goddess to assist with this life transition. Our company offers many perks:

  • One that we are especially proud of is our professional shipping service.
  • There’s a truck available for immediate customer deliveries at EVERY sale!
  • We have a licensed librarian, two art experts, a jeweler, and a PR/marketing guru on staff.
  • With Estate Sale Goddess, there are NEVER any upfront fees.

Estate Sale Goddess is Chicagoland's premier estate liquidation service.

Estate Liquidation Services in Chicago, IL

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Ready to take the next step?

With nearly 15 years of experience in the estate sale industry, allow us to coddle you through this stressful time. Request a free consultation and we'll handle the rest!

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