Preparing for an Estate Sale

Your Estate Sale Prep Checklist

Are you getting ready for an estate sale? Review the checklist items below and then give us a call to get your sale started!

  • Please do not throw anything away! Don't try to clean or tidy the home. Allow Estate Sale Goddess to make the value assessment.
  • Please remove all items you or your family wish to keep.
  • For best results, Estate Sale Goddess prefers no persons or family members live in the estate until after we have completed the liquidation.
  • In some cases, your estate may be in a condo and not allow estate sales. Estate Sale Goddess offers online sales.
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Ready to take the next step?

With nearly 15 years of experience in the estate sale industry, allow us to coddle you through this stressful time. Request a free consultation and we'll handle the rest!

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