The Collection of William E. Brazley & Peggy Brazley Auction 2022

Lynn McDaniel (pictured) along with husband Ty McDaniel
Owners & Founders of Estate Sale Goddess
Architect William E. Brazley, Jr. graduated from Thornton High School in Harvey and obtained his degree in architectural engineering from Purdue University. Brazley was a Director of Facilities Management at Governors State University in University Park. Brazley was instrumental in fundraising for the late Mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington 
In 1992, Brazley and Eric Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Johnson Product Co., broke racial barriers as the first African Americans to be approved for membership at the Olympia Fields Country Club. William E. Brazley passed away on November 8, 2008. Brazley’s wife and socialite, Peggy, was a member of Jet Setter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and The Links, Inc.

The McDaniel’s, known as the god and goddess of estate sales, have hosted estate sales for the families of husband and wife, Claude Barnett, founder of the Associated Negro Press and actress Etta Moten Barnett, Ebony Magazine Editor Lerone Bennett, and Olympian Jesse Owens.

“There are a lot of families around Chicago that no one knows about,” McDaniels said. “It’s important for us to tell that history because this is a learning lesson, not just for us but, hopefully, for the world. It’s an honor and a privilege to come into these wonderful people’s homes and lives.”

Here are a few of our favorite picks:

1.Jonathan Green
In the words of Michelle Obama, Ty and I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. That tells you everything you need to know about us. Born and raised in a then economically strong Englewood; our community boasted the “castle,” Englewood high school, the Kelly branch library and 63rd & Halsted! Famous neighborhood names included: Dr Burroughs, Charles White, Merri Dee, Sam Greenlee, Gwendolyn Brooks, Oscar Browne Jr,. Lorraine Hansberry, Richard Hunt, Nichelle Nichols, Ramsey Lewis, Archibald Motley… Having grown up with a real life “Bessie Mae,” my elementary school teacher, opera singer, Ms Lethia Bryant sister to Lena Bryant Funeral Homes, “Bessie Mae” by Jonathan Green, gently reminds me of the many many sacrifices made, both musically and racially. I become entranced and remember my “Bessie Mae” as we file into the classroom. Ms Bryant with her immaculate center parted Bob, and red Chanel Mohair suit, sings “Summertime” in her sweet, clear, sultry, alto voice, all the while smiling and nodding while welcoming us into the classroom. Yes def all the  Jonathan Greens! 
*Lynns personal favorite ❤
       2. Herbert House Chrome Nude Sculpture
I shake my head in awe as I whisper aloud, “THIS BROTHER.” Herbert House grew up in DC. (Shout out to Howard University. We’re HU parents!) I’m soooo impressed that he sought out Ed Love and Richard Hunt and apprenticed with them both! I chose this sculpture for our top picks for 3 reasons. 1. Yes, the sensual lines. 2. The clearly defined form. 3. How this work draws you in making it unthinkable to look away. *Note: When we were prepping the estate for the sale, it was placed in the film room on the third riser, next to a HUGE poster of Josephine Bakers, “Bobino.” As I walked pass her daily, I’d look at her and with a tiny knowing smile. There’s just a something about this piece that artfully draws you in and soothingly makes you take notice. Yes, def all the Herbert House! 

3. Dr Murry N. DePillars 

From the Chicago based AfriCOBRA–the African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists. Supporter of free speech and public support for the arts, Dean of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Dr DePillars, a visionary, whole heartedly believed that art empowers community. A great many people know about the AfriCOBRA movement, but rarely does a piece show up on the open market. THIS is an important piece. Add this to your heirloom portfolio! 

4. Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly 
Jolly is a Chicago-based ceramicist but she considers herself “a Southerner, born of cotton-picker heritage”. “My story pots reflect the stories I’ve heard and listen to all my life. Many of these voices have universal concepts , yet come from very personal experiences. [They] also talk about the capacity to grow, a quality that is present in all of us.”

Collectors say, “its important to have at least ONE Jolly in your collection.” 
How many do you have?? 😊
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