Estate Sale Goddess: William E Brazley Herbert House “Dancers” Sculpture SOLD $12K

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Herbert House
20th-21st Century
c. 1995
welded steel sculpture
67 inches (h), 40-3/4 inches (w); base only : 25 x 60 x 2 inches
William Brazley commissioned the work for the grounds of his mansion in Olympia Fields, IL, outside of Chicago. No apparent signature.

A similar sculpture by House, Family Circle, is a public artwork, located at 2300 6th Street NW on the Howard University campus in Washington, D.C. Family Circle was surveyed as part of the Smithsonian’s Save Outdoor Sculpture! survey in 1994. Family Circle depicts two adults and two children dancing in a circle.

Provenance: The collection of William E. Brazley & Peggy Brazley, represented by Ty and Lynn McDaniel, Chicago, IL.

House, grew up in Washington, D.C., and studied at Illinois State University, in Normal, IL. He apprenticed with both Ed Love and Richard Hunt, and the influence is highly evident in his work. House used chrome car bumpers as raw material for his compositions. Washington Post critic Michael Welzenbach wrote: “House’s art is about form, mythos and archetype. Based on the female form, his figures are sensuous and remarkably erotic. The characteristics of ceremonial masks and figurines are readily apparent, giving his works a mysterious, ritualistic aspect. And the gleaming, curvaceous quality of welded car parts lends them suppleness and tactility.”
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