Civil Rights Coretta Scott King Inscribed Book to Etta Moten Barnett 1st Ed 1969

“For Etta Moten Barnett with deepest appreciation for your dedicated service to all mankind which has greatly advanced the causes of justice, equality, brotherhood and peace. And with warm personal regards.” –Coretta Scott King 

Can you imagine the connection these two had? Both Powerhouses in their own right! Coretta Scott King married to Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King. Etta Moten Barnett married to Claude A. Barnett-Diplomat, Aristocrat and Founder of the Associated Negro Press! 

Ms King autographed this book for her dear girlfriend Etta Moten Barnett. Estate Sale Goddess continues to curate and liquidate this fabulous and famous collection, behind the scenes. If you are interested, please click above photo.

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