Your 1st Estate Sale Goddess Estate Sale: FAQ’S or What to do Before, During & After




Estate liquidations require research, pricing, physical labor, setup and planning. There’s 1000’s of items in these estates. Whether during setup or the actual sale, please allow us to work uninterrupted in order to bring the very best to you. NO PRICE QUESTIONS PLEASE. 



Please read below.

Lynn Rousseau McDaniel, M. Psych 

Estate Sale Goddess

[email protected]

So you’ve decided to take the plunge! It may seem daunting, but before you know it, you’ll be hooked! Estate Sale Goddess is noted for having HISTORIC, well-heeled, celebrity estate liquidations. Here’s just a few:

  • Lerone Bennett-Ebony Magazine Editor
  • Cyril Pinder-Chicago Bears 
  • The Honorable Chauncey Eskridge-Dr. Martin Luther Kings Attorney
  • Chicago Chemical Works Factory
  • Jesse Owens-Olympic Champion
  • Madeline Murphy Rabb-Actress “Team Dream”  & Art Provocateur
  • Claude A Barnett-Founder of The Associated Negro Press
  • Etta Moten Barnett-Singer, Actress, Civic Leader
  • William & Peggy Brazley McCormick Pl & O’hare Airport Architect Socialites
  • Grace Jones Chicago  

*Note: Gentle Reader, these rules are mainly for the hardheads 💘 I’m sure you’re a lovely person that I can depend on to help your fellow Estate Saler, Newbie or Senior Shopper. 


  • As a rule, Estate Sale companies do not divulge prices before the Sale. Apologies but due to time constraints and volume, ESG can no longer answer price question. We thank you for your patience in this matter.  
  • Arrive VERY EARLY for best selections.
  • Bring CASH! ALL CARDS ACCEPTED! Apple Pay! Zelle!
  • Park carefully! We are not responsible for tickets or tows.
  • ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. ESTATE SALE GODDESS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for accidents or injuries. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. By entering you agree that ESTATE SALE GODDESS is NOT responsible! 
  • While waiting to enter the sale DO NOT PEEK IN THE WINDOWS PERVS! Its rude, CREEPY and unseemly. You will also be on camera! AND DON’T PARK ON THE GRASS or NEIGHBORS GRASS or BLOCK ANY DRIVEWAYS. (I know you won’t, but others may try :/)
  •  As is where is. NO refunds, returns, exchanges.
  • We will do our best to get everyone in expeditiously.)
  • This is NOT an auction, and yes, its FREE TO ATTEND! 
  • Bring your own bags (help me stay GREEN) and bring your own muscle.
  • STAFF IS NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY OUT. *We do offer PAID delivery.
  • Estate Sale Goddess has the right to check your bag upon exiting.
  • You must be 21 and over to enter. I must stick firm on this one. I love children. Okay, just my granddaughter 😉 Absolutely NO CHILDREN ALLOWED, not even our little Gingersnap! BY ENTERING YOU AGREED TO BE CAPTURED ON FILM! The film may be shown on streaming channels including but not limited to: YouTube, HBO, NETFLIX, PEACOCK and major television networks. 


  • All cards accepted! CASH too!
  • Shopping for furniture? Art? Once inside move quickly. SHOP with purpose. Others may have come for the same item you’re eyeing. 
  • See a piece of FURNITURE, ART, or RUGS you’d like to purchase, remove the white tag from the item ASAP, take it to the cashier IMMEDIATELY and PAY. All other items, bring to check out, inform staff and place on the SOLD TABLE by the Cashier.
  • Please, DO NOT walk around with tag in hand. Sooo not fair to others. And we’re better than that, right? RIGHT? Ok then. 😘 
  • Home decor, clothing, small items? You are welcome to leave armfuls of items on the MONITORED “SOLD TABLE” over by the cashiers. 
  • If you walk around with armfuls of goodies and you get to the register and put 3/4’s back, you are BANNED from ever attending an Estate Sale Goddess event again–in life! Why would you want to stop others from purchasing that lovely pink cashmere sweater that you knew you really didn’t want? NO PUTTING BACK AT THE REGISTER.
  • Jewelry-PLEASE DO NOT OPEN JARS/BOXES/ BAGS of jewelry. If you are caught tampering with the jewelry, you will be asked to leave. 
  • You are welcome to shop and checkout. Look around a bit more, shop and repeat. 
  •  Smile! Giggle! Bring your business cards! This is an event! Talk to each other. We all are passionate about the same thing. 
  • YES we negotiate. LQQk for me–Lynn or Ty McDaniel. If you don’t see me, ask staff to contact me via walkie-talkie for immediate service.


  • Please wrap/pack your own items on the packing table.
  • Exit out of door you entered.
  • PLEASE understand, for insurance purposes,  STAFF CANNOT help carry/load items. It’s NOT their job to load your vehicle. Please bring your own help. *We offer PAID delivery.
  • At the very least, our sales are known for having tons of strong, handsome, men & the PRETTIEST, JAW DROPPINGLY STYLISH, SMARTEST women shoppers around! Simply ask them. People are ALWAYS glad to help! (Hint* SINGLES, bring your Cards! Smile, Laugh! Have FUN!) Wear your prettiest dresses and your sharpest slacks! Splash on some “smell good” and make a Love Connection!
  • Estate Sale Goddess is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage you incur upon removal of your items from the Estate. 
  • Estate Sale Goddess is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to your purchased items or vehicle when you load.
  • This is an Estate Sale. Please inspect all items before purchasing. No RETURNS, REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. Estate Sale Goddess films documentaries on all estates. By entering you agree to our terms and conditions. 
  • You are ALWAYS on camera when you shop. 
  • So here it is folks. Here’s your plan. Dive in. Notice everything and leave nothing!
  • For a giggle, take a peek at the video below 👀

Garage Sale – Josh Sneed


  • May I come in and measure? No. We are NOT a “retail store” just an Estate Sale. Simply measure your space and check the photos on the website. And please, due to time constraints, we cannot answer shirt/shoe/hat or dress sizes.
  • Do you Pre-Sale? Pre-Sales on large collections. E.g., Vintage cars, HUGE record collections, Fine Art, Sailboats, Coins, Diamonds, Real Estate, Luxury Watches, Vintage Stereo Equipment, Jewelry, Vintage Clothing etc. It will be noted “BUY IT NOW” on the subject line of the post when this is the case.
  •  If you are a *”serious” Buyer, then by all means, PLEASE add your name/phone to our mailing list at the cashier table, on your way in/out of our sales. [email protected]
  • PRICING. We are an ESTATE SALE, NOT RETAIL. We pride ourselves on being fair, whether an end user or re-seller. Come see for yourself!
  • LASTLY, please note, once the Estate Sale is over, IT’S OVER. PLEASE do not ring/text and ask if you could come back for the Prada loafers or John Deere Tractor. Once an estate is liquidated we are on to the next. We ask that you continue to travel your Estate Sale journey with US! THANK YOU KINDLY!
  • And PLEASE remember to respect each others space.  Wear your mask if you like. NO JUDGEMENT, and absolutely NO HATE tolerated!


Etta Moten Barnett

Lynn Rousseau McDaniel


Shark Tanks Robert Herjavec & Julia Louis Dreyfus

w/ Your Estate Sale Goddess 




Are your family members historians, politicians, actors, musicians, celebrities? Doctors, lawyers, hat makers? Teachers, city workers, Pullman Porters? Plain regular hard working folk? Do you or your family members have households of art, jewelry, important historic documents, vintage clothing, maps, rugs, books, sterling, vintage furniture, vinyl?

Estate Sale Goddess does more than just sell your items, we embrace and research your family history. We carefully sell your important household and go even further by contacting our private network for increased financial value.

Estate Sale Goddess is Chicagolands premier estate liquidation service. Ring or Text us: 312.450.9821 or email us [email protected]

Now accepting estates!

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