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Madeline Murphy Rabb



.Rabb was appointed by Mayor Harold Washington in 1983 as executive director of the 

Chicago Office of Fine Arts (COFA) which became a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. 

She was among the architects of the creation of the Department of Cultural Affairs in 1984. 

Her staff of 34 were located located in the Chicago Cultural Center. Her responsibilities included 

overseeing more than 24 art exhibitions through out the the Cultural Center, the Public Art Program, 

free public programs in Daley Plaza and the Cultural Center, awarding grants to artists and 

arts organizations through out the city. 


Her legacy was creating an arts council that was inclusive and racially diverse in its staffing, 

exhibitions, public art, programming and grantsmaking. She was a curatorial activist and 

national thought leader around issues of diversity and inclusiveness long before it became

fashionable. She served through the administrations of Mayors Washington, Sawyer and Daley 

until resigning in 1991 to create her art advisory business, Murphy Rabb Inc. 


She donated papers to the Harold Washington Public Library.   

Madeline Murphy Rabb is a PRIVATE DEALER & ART CONSULTANT! Madeline has decided to take her foot off the “corporate gas” just a tiny bit and spends her days and an athlete. Her forte is competitive biking and swimming.

Time travel with me, your Estate Sale Goddess, and see how many famous Chicagoans you and Madeline have in common. How many Artists, Dancers, Movers, Disruptors can YOU name?! *The comment section is open and we’d love to see photos of your CHICAGO ART POLTICAL DANCE DESIGN connections!

L-R Honorable Harold Washington, Mayor.

Studs Terkel

Gwendolyn Brooks Pulitzer Prize Winner

Madeline Murphy Rabb Curatorial Activist!

Madeline Murphy Rabb and Women Discuss Art

Madeline Murphy Rabb and Hughie Lee-Smith

Madeline Murphy Rabb Nick Cave

Madeline Murphy Rabb & David Driskell

Madeline Rabb Southside Community Art Center

Madeline Murphy Rabb History Maker! 

Madeline Murphy Rabb & Artist Oliver Jackson

Madeline Murphy Rabb & Andre DeShields of the WIZ!

Madeline Murphy Rabb William Dawson (Seated)

Madeline Murphy Rabb outside the Chicago Cultural Center

Madeline Murphy Rabb Lerone Bennett Jr.

Madeline Murphy Rabb & the Great Margaret Burroughs

Madeline Murphy Rabb in her Jewelry Studio where she handcrafts her 

Madeline Murphy Rabb Fine Jewelry Line. 

Madeline Murphy Rabb & Dr Rabb

Inuit Art *SOLD

Vintage Posters! *Available in Sale

Preston Jackson Sculpture 


Marva Jolly Bowl

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Historymaker Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly 

For a more in-depth look into the life of  



Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly Bowl 

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Otis Crowley Painting ’37


This piece and works below are by Laura Wheeler Waring, Madelines Great Aunt! 

**NOT in Sale.

Madeline Murphy Rabb *Artwork by Madeline’s Great Aunt 

Laura Wheeler Waring

**NOT in Sale.

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